NumFOCUS partners with Outreachy

2 min readJul 24


Written by Anita Opara

We are thrilled about our recent partnership with Outreachy, an exceptional open-source platform providing internships in open source and open science. This collaboration has brought us a talented new team member, Anita (Chi Chi) Opara, who is currently serving as an Outreachy intern here at NumFocus.

As an Outreachy intern, Chi Chi’s responsibilities include:

1. Creating a comprehensive spreadsheet of NumFocus sponsored projects, complete with links to their project websites and GitHub repositories.

2. Researching and reviewing projects’ governance models.

3. Documenting essential model details, such as leadership and team structure, decision-making processes (voting and funding allocation), and the inclusion of Codes of Conduct (CoC) and amendment procedures.

4. Classifying governance models into categories and providing clear descriptions for each category.

5. Developing and documenting assets that can be shared with projects applying to NumFOCUS, funders, and sponsors.

After two months into the internship, Chi Chi has successfully completed tasks 1 to 3. We are delighted with her progress, and Arliss Collins, our developer advocate, who also acts as Chi Chi’s mentor, has been consistently supportive, providing encouragement and valuable advice.

To ensure Chi Chi continues to have a fulfilling experience at NumFOCUS, Leah Silen, the executive director at NumFOCUS, recommended her for the LeadBelay 9-week Leadership program. This program is designed to foster positive leadership qualities and empower Chi Chi with the skillset she needs to excel in her career.

At the end of the internship, the resources gathered will help NumFOCUS:

1. Identify projects that lack the necessary documents and information.

2. Offer support and resources to these projects to help them develop the required documents.

3. Provide a clear guideline for projects applying to NumFOCUS, ensuring expectations are well-defined.

4. Maintain transparency in our decision-making processes.

In conclusion, we are grateful for our partnership with Outreachy, and we eagerly anticipate how the final work from this internship will positively impact our decision-making processes here at NumFOCUS.

Here is a link to Chi Chi’s hashnode blog where she writes about her experience so far at NumFOCUS.




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