Call for Volunteers: NumFOCUS Project Incubator

2 min readNov 15, 2021

By: Logan Kilpatrick

NumFOCUS is seeking volunteers to serve as founding members on our newly created Project Incubator Committee!

The Project Incubator Committee members will shape the structure and content of the Project Incubator, which will play a pivotal role in the sustainability of scientific open source projects. This is an opportunity to have a large impact on the scientific open source community.

NumFOCUS currently provides two different types of relationships with projects: affiliate status and fiscal sponsorship. However, there are many projects which are scientifically important but do not yet meet the requirements to become an Affiliated or Sponsored project.

What is the NumFOCUS Incubator?
The NumFOCUS Incubator was approved by the NumFOCUS Board in October to provide support for Open Source Scientific projects to grow, build a community, attract additional contributors, and more. At the end of the incubation period, projects will have the tools they need to either continue working towards meeting the Affiliated project requirements or directly apply for that status.

Volunteers should also expect a two-three hour per week time commitment but there will definitely be weeks where there will be no work required. Some examples of the types of areas volunteers will be participating in are engineering, technical writing, and product management but it is not limited to these. The Project Incubator Committee welcomes support in other areas as well.

Please apply by December 5 (11:59 PM PST), by completing the following form. And should you have any questions, please contact We expect to open the Incubator to projects in the early part of 2022.




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