45 GSoC Students Contributed to NumFOCUS Projects

Freyam Mehta | Dask — Visualizing the Performance Characteristics of Computations

Gagandeep Singh | LFortran — Supporting Arrays and Allocatables in LFortran

Rishabh Sanjay | ArviZ — Adding New Plots to ArviZ

Lenka Hasova | PySAL — Competing destination for Spatial Interaction models

Ahmed Khaled | PyTorch-Ignite — Engine Refactoring

Tomas Capretto | PyMC — Extend available models and default priors in Bambi

Frank Schäfer | SciML — Neural Hybrid Differential Equations and Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis

Priyanshu Agarwal | PyBaMM — Printing Formatted Equations

Vasily Ilinl | SciML- Efficient Spatial Simulations in DiffEqJump

Aitik Gupta | Matplotlib: Revisiting Text/Font Handling Matplotlib

Saransh Chopra | PyBaMM — Automated Twitter bot to run PyBaMM Simulations

Kush Kothari | Data Retriever- Adding Spatial Dataset Support to retrieverdash

Purva Thakre | QuTiP — Quantum Gate Decomposition for QuTiP

Dimitris Papageorgiou| NetworkX — Louvain Community Detection

Mohammad Hesam Shaelaie | JuMP — Expanding support for the solution of bilevel optimization problems in JuMP

Adam R. Jensen | pvlib — Making pvlib python a one-stop source for solar resource data

Mohammed Jeeshan Sheikh | SciML — Discretizations of Partial Differential Equations

Aakash Chaudhary | Data Retriever — Support for Login/API

Geetansh Saxena | Colour — Adding New Colour Models

Balaje K. | Gridap — A fast finite element interpolator in Gridap.jl

Thomas Statham | GeoPandas — Dask bridge to scale geospatial analysis

Meenal Jhajharia | PyMC — Extending Time-Series Models

Germano Barcelos dos Santos | PySal — Open Source Facility Location Modeling (spopt) Development

Larry Dong | PyMC Extending Time-Series Models

Arpan Parikh | PyTorch-Ignite — Improve Metric Module

Neel Sura | Stan — Lambert W Distributions in Stan




Our open source scientific software projects are changing the world. Learn more on our website: https://numfocus.org

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Our open source scientific software projects are changing the world. Learn more on our website: https://numfocus.org

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