13 NumFOCUS Projects Awarded CZI Grants

The following projects received nearly $3.8 million in CZI funding:

  • Jupyter (Papyri): Better documentation for the Scientific Ecosystem in Jupyter
  • MDAnalysis: Faster, extensible molecular analysis for reproducible science
  • NetworkX: Sustained Code and Community Development for NetworkX
  • Matplotlib: Foundation of Scientific Visualization in Python
  • ArviZ, PyMC3, Stan: Bayesian Open Source Software for Biomedicine
  • matplotlib, NumPy, pandas, SciPy: Advancing an inclusive culture in the scientific Python ecosystem
  • SciML: Enhancing the open-source SciML stack for clinical trial simulations
  • Zarr: A common backbone for the scalable storage of annotated tensor data
  • Pandas: Ensuring the continued growth of Pandas
  • Jupyter (JupyterHub): The JupyterHub Community Strategic Lead



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